DirtyamishFormed in 2000, Cologne based Southern Stoner Rock band DIRTY AMISH were from the beginning on about the love of playing heavy music in the venes of seventies hard rock and original jam bands. Being fans of bands like Corrosion Of Conformity, DOWN and Clutch the band always tried melting some of their classic rock influences together with their big heavy rock idol bands.

The fact that the band was never about getting a record deal or playing much more live, than wanted, made the band a combo, that is (up to this day) nothing less than five friends getting together to jam the music they enjoy and love to play.

The Way Of The Amish
Being fans of raw, pure and dirty riff rock music, it was obvious to figure out a name that would fit both essential characters of their music: the „rawness“ and „the purity“. They finally found it in the pureness und simplicity and value life of the Amish and dirty gritty way of their guitar riffs. So from that day on the logo of the scythe smith amish was the trademark-logo of band. It symbolizes the no bullshit, no compromise but quality attitude of the band´s music and is furthermore already a registered label.